Kinda Blue to Green…

Logan’s Marching Band season was exhausting and amazing all at the same time.  They did a collection of Miles Davis songs. The show was called Kinda Blue to Green as a play on some of the Miles Davis songs…one is called Blue to Green for those not into jazz music.  It’s not every day you hear a marching band do jazz music but they totally pulled it off.  Logan even got a solo part and it was a really cool addition to the show.  I was/am a VERY proud band mom.  This is him rocking out the marimba…his baby.  When I saw Brandy post sketch 258 at Sketches in Thyme I knew exactly what picture I wanted to scrap.  I even busted out my old stash for this occasion.  I have really been trying to give new life to my older stash.  Again, with Brandy’s inspiration to “use it or lose it” I’ve been trying to dig deep and try new things with my older stash.  It’s really amazing how easy it is to forget what you have when you haven’t looked at it for a while and how inspired you can get just by going back and digging into the older supplies.  And on the same token…if I find that I really just don’t feel inspired, it’s time to let go and make room for new goodies!  Who doesn’t like to shop, right??? …especially since there is a 30/30 challenge going on at A Cherry on Top right now and I am a scrapping FOOL!!!

Anny-whooooo…  here is the sketch…

 and here is what I came up with…


The sheet music is actually from the show…proof that I am a true scrapper …cough…cough…hoarder…cough…cough. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. blbabe1234 · January 11, 2017

    WONDERFUL take on the sketch Shannon! I loved it the moment I saw it on ACOT and was so happy to see you linked it up to SIT! I LOVE the touch of gold, the tearing and all the wonderful music notes. Thanks so much for joining us at Sketches in Thyme!


  2. Elisabetta Colavero · January 15, 2017

    I like your choice for this page: it is perfect for your photo. Really nice.
    Eli for Sketches in Thyme


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